ITCT Africa Workshops in Basic Computer Engineering 24 Nov – 5 Dec 2014


Simon computer assembling: ITCT Africa Kampala 2011

Since 2008, we have fostered use of ICTs in education in Uganda, Kenya and DR Congo. Linuxola has facilitated computer labs and training in the universities of Mbarara University of Science and Technology, Kyambogo, Kenyatta and Kinshasa. With the opening of our coordination and training centre (ITCT Africa) in Kampala, linuxola has trained teachers and students in computer engineering every year.

This year, three computer engineers, Simon, Christian and Joe, will be in Uganda from 22 Nov till 15 Dec. ITCT Africa will facilitate 2-day workshop sessions for 2 weeks in the following skills:

(i)     Free Software Movement
(ii)    Basic hardware knowledge and computer assembling/refurbishing
(iii)   LTSP setup and administration
(iv)   IT/Online Security
(v)    How to develop web applications (apps) in the cloud
Participants include teachers, students and staff from the ministry of education.