„Global Back Gain against Local Brain Drain“

E-Learning • Interkulturell

02-Digital-Supervision-in-Uganda_web (2)Taking part in the Conference in Rheinbach „Universities, Entrepreneurship and Enterprise Development in Africa“ I was as member of the panel discussion. Session 4 dealt with education for sustainable development, which is a problem faced by all countries.

My thesis was: „There is no lack of academic staff. Only a lack of logistics and management.“ Every year Africa loses resources through academic knowledge migration. The Joint-PhD-Program focuses on the dilemma gap in post-graduate training, as in the case of Uganda. The PhD holders in almost all universities in Uganda are not enough to train the aspirants. ICT has simplified the world into a global village and therefore this should allow classes outside the four walls. The use of new media is one key to implement a successful PhD training program. Doctoral training has changed significantly in recent years. In Germany, it’s not unusual to complete a doctorate in…

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