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By Andrew Masinde

Fifty teachers from various institution including primary, secondary and tertiary have graduated with certificates in computer training.

The six weeks training was organised by ITCT-Africa an organisation that aims at empowering teachers to acquire knowledge in information technology, thereby enhancing their capacity to respond to new challenges while teaching and learning.

The various teachers from different schools and institutions across the country were trained in skills such as introduction to computer, all office packages, internet communication, database management system, E-marketing, web design/development and editing, networking and PC assembling and hardware and troubleshooting.

Speaking at the ceremony Annet Mugisha the senior education officer primary teacher education ministry of education advised teachers not to keep the computer skills they have acquired to themselves but to transfer it to other teacher especially those upcountry as well as students.

“We as teachers we have to be united this helps us to share the skills that we have, do not go back and start thinking because you have acquired computer skills now you are on top of the schools, this will make you look out of place,” Mugisha said.

She  further  advised the teachers  that ; “organise with the schools such that they acquire computers this will help you transfer the skills to students and will also help you gain even more experience, in Uganda people like being selfish which has greatly affected our country.”

Dr Justine Magambo the coordinator why they targeted teachers was because most of them were born before computers so they wanted to train them such that they can cope up with the changing technological advancement in the world.

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